Frequently Asked Questions

Is Azalea Health in Florida a free clinic?

No, Azalea Health is not a “free clinic.”

We offer accessible and affordable care in medically underserved areas of northern Florida. Because we are a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) we offer a sliding fee discount based on documented income and family size.

You may be eligible for a discount even if you have insurance coverage. Once qualified, Azalea Health patients receive a discount on medical, dental, mental health and pharmacy services. All pharmacy discounts require prescriptions to be written by an Azalea Health provider and filled at an Azalea Health pharmacy.

Is Azalea Health a walk-in or urgent care clinic?

To reduce your wait time, it’s always best to have a scheduled appointment and Azalea Health has same-day appointments available for medical services.  We do however, accept patients who walk in and we provide urgent care for minor injuries and illnesses.  Walk-in patients will be triaged and will have to wait to be seen when there is an opening in a provider’s schedule.

I have health insurance, can I still visit Azalea Health for my health care needs?

Yes. We accept most health insurances, including Medicaid and Medicare.
If you want to be sure your health insurance will cover your visit, or that you are in-network when seeing an Azalea Health health care provider, then we recommend you contact your insurance provider to make sure we are on their “in-network” list.

I have insurance. Can I still apply for the sliding fee?

Yes. Underinsured patients, or patients with extremely high deductibles, may qualify for a sliding fee discount.

The sliding fee scale is based on documented income and family/household size.

How does Azalea Health’s sliding fee discount work?

Azalea Health offers a sliding fee discount program. You may be eligible for a discount even if you have health insurance coverage.

Discounts are based on family size and documented income. Proof of income is required to be considered for a discount. Sliding fee eligibility is re-evaluated annually, or sooner if your financial situation changes.

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Can I use your pharmacy if I am not an Azalea Health patient?

Yes. Azalea Health’s seven pharmacy locations are full-service pharmacies providing competitive pricing and short wait times.

Discounts and special programs are available to qualifying Azalea Health patients. For instance, if you qualify for a sliding fee discount on medical services at Azalea Health, then you also qualify for the sliding fee discounted pricing on most prescriptions.

Do I have to live in a certain county to come to Azalea Health for medical care?

No. You do not have to reside in the county in which you’re receiving care from Azalea Health.

When is the best time to call for a Same Day appointment

Same-Day time slots at most Azalea Health locations fill up quickly. If you desire/need a same day appointment we advise you to call us at 8:00 a.m.

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